Eightfold Eats is a specialty Artisan Bakery devoted to creating quality whole food products, with baked and unbaked goods that are made in a dedicated Gluten-Free facility and also are free of any refined or white sugars. Celiac, diabetic and Vegan eaters are well-served by Eightfold Eats. And, because all of our EE_Kitchen_edited_crop_Burst90products are carefully made with only real and wholesome ingredients, mostly organic, all of our products are loved equally by mainstream eaters.

Eightfold Eats offers not just products to buy, but an idea to buy into. At Eightfold Eats, we treat food as a vehicle for better lives. Helping others to eat whole and nutritious foods is the small contribution we can make to creating a better future for ourselves and humanity.

Better food. Better lives. Better world.