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Treat your food as if it were medicine.

That’s how the owner and founder, Mike Robinson, approaches the creation of every item at the Eightfold Eats Bakery. His work is inspired by his belief that making small but healthy choices in the food you eat will have an impact on your health, overall energy, and the quality of your life – brimming over positively into the lives of others.

At the bakery, Mike applies his culinary and nutritional knowledge to creating whole food snacks and baked goods that will rival classic favourites and satisfy even fussy eaters. He and Eightfold Eats’ loyal customers have learned that omitting gluten, dairy and simple and refined sugar does not have to mean giving up the rich tastes expected in a delicious dessert or snack.

What can you expect from Eightfold Eats Products? For the baking definitions and guidelines Eightfold Eats adheres to in the bakery, see Definitions. You may also study Allergen Specifics.

Eightfold Eats follows rigid guidelines and principles when creating new recipes and choosing ingredients for all of the goods sold from the premises.


Only the best ingredients are sourced, with quality, originality and nutrition in mind. Real flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, whole foods and macrobiotic ingredients are used. “Real flavours”, which come from fresh whole foods, are key in the development of all Eightfold Eats’ products.

Eightfold Eats’ products are delicious examples of innovative, alternative and Whole Food, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan culinary expertise.

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For information about ingredients used in EE products that you may be allergic to, please consult Allergen Specifics.