WebEightfold Eats is a specialty Artisan Bakery devoted to bringing quality whole food, Vegan, Gluten & Sugar Free Baked & Unbaked goods to the public.  What makes Eightfold Eats so unique is not only the fact that the entire bakery is dedicated Gluten Free; there is so much more to what we do that goes far beyond just doing the bare minimum.

Many Gluten Free offerings elsewhere are not made in a dedicated facility and are cross contaminated.  Most Vegan options as well are…only vegan, still loaded with chemicals, white sugar, bad fats and low quality ingredients. The point is that these options can and should be healthy as well and above everything; they have to taste good.

Our Vegan goods are pure and healthy; no excess sugar used to cover up bad or lack of taste and absolutely no margarine or low quality oils are used.

The sugar free items are sweetened with wholesome and nutritious, low glycemic index sweeteners that are slow releasing in the body and actually have fiber and nutrients in tact.  There is no chemical substitutes such as aspartame, splenda etc used.  These along with processed white sugar, cheap flours, artificial flavours and preservatives are not even allowed through our front door.

Mike has developed all the recipes himself and features 14 (and growing) independently created products.  He has searched out the best and unique ingredients with quality, originality and nutrition in mind.  Real flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, whole foods, macrobiotic ingredients and many Coconut based items are used in many of the products.

People often feel that in order to have something healthy, they have to sacrifice quality and or taste.  We are positive that we are able to bring down this myth by bringing forth, Gluten Free treats along with Diabetic friendly and “less sweet” high quality goods that are completely unique, made with whole foods.  There are many Vegan and Dairy Free options available in the product line as well.

It’s our belief that the focus with food should always be on real flavours.  These always come through when real ingredients are used as you cannot fool the palate.

Were confident that you will agree that our menu is not just unique, but a better option for health and taste.  Quality always speaks for itself and there is no substitute for the real thing.  ENJOY!

Mike Robinson RHN


Mike Robinson is an RHN, Certified Life Coach and Holistic Artisan Baker. His path to becoming an RHN is marked by different touchstones- some that connect him directly to food and others that veer his path in a completely different direction. Mike completed his chef training in 1996 (though his love for food was first cultivated in childhood by baking with his grandmother, with whom he shared a special bond). Chef’s papers in hand, Mike worked for a couple years in the culinary trade before shifting gears and pursing work in the entertainment biz as a musician. When the entertainment industry began to deplete him, he took a transitional job at an organic food warehouse where he started learning about health, nutrition, organics and whole foods.

Mike’s RHN practice began with consulting, grocery store tours, and seasonal workshops at community centres. The bakery however, seems to be what really gelled his passions and skills and defines a niche that is uniquely his- one he is proud of.

He has always enjoyed food but as he began to understand more about why food matters, he realized that his offering was bigger than just creating tasty food.  I knew there were ways to make quality food that addressed issues like Gluten Sensitivity, Diabetes and Vegans that also tasted good.  Whole foods and real ingredients helped make that possible combined with passion that carries the desire to make a difference on a larger scale to help empower people to want to know what is in the food hey are eating.

Mike has developed all the recipes himself and features 14 independently created products which are whole food based and all gluten free, while others are also sugar free, dairy free, and vegan. Mike’s commitment to quality in his products is unwavering, inspiring and aligned with the energy behind his business: Nutrition with the right intention.

The intention that Mike approaches business with is, in part a nod to Buddhism’s noble eightfold path, living with intention, accountability and a commitment to self-empowerment. And you thought it was just the cacao that made those brownies taste good!